ROC Retinol Correction Line Smoothing Serum - 30 ml

ROC Retinol Correction Line Smoothing Serum - 30 ml

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Clinically proven to smooth lines better and faster than the #1 luxury Retinol serum.* Experience 3 age-defying results with this advanced formula: visibly smooth fine lines & wrinkles, improve skin firmness and reduce the look of pores. After just 1 week, skin is visibly firmer and 93% of women had visibly smoothed lines and a reduction in the size of pores.

This powerful, yet gentle, skin smoothing formula contains time-released pure RoC®️ Retinol, America’s #1 Most Awarded Retinol**, that stays active for up to 12 hours. RoC’s potent Retinol is balanced with soothing Ashwagandha and Squalane, proven to deliver hydration instantly and overtime. This daily serum is designed to rival the results of prescription skincare without the irritation; 100% of testers had 0% irritation.

*Based on an independent clinical study with imaging performed at 1 week and 4 weeks that demonstrated RoC®️ outperformed the #1 prestige Retinol in reducing lines and wrinkles.*

**Based on a 3rd-party study using publicly available data sources from publications and media sources; hosting beauty awards since 2010.**

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